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Vaping is supposed to be a way to change your lifestyle for the better. Quitting tobacco is not easy, but we’re here to help!

Come see us for a one-on-one consultation and we’ll help you find the products that will work best for you and start you on the path to a better lifestyle. Whether you are starting out, experienced, or somewhere in between, we’re here to make sure that you are successful. Let us show you a better way.

We might not do things like a lot of companies, and we’re ok with that.

Our Leadership Team strives to set the ultimate example for our staff and customers. Everyone at HQ is cigarette-free and knows first-hand how difficult it can be to quit. They strive to make the transition as easy as possible to help as many people as they can. With that, they go above and beyond testing and trying new products before they hit the stores to ensure New Leaf quality products.

We like to keep our customers informed an the latest products, events, store openings, and more.

See our Journal for the latest info on the New Leaf Vapor Company Experience!

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