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Freedom to Vape



The House Ways & Means Committee has revealed that it is considering a tax proposal on nicotine and tobacco as part of the funding bill for President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan. The provision is designed to equalize taxation across all tobacco and nicotine products.

 In other words, the tax on demonstrably less harmful products like vaping, would be the same as the tax on cigarettes – the most harmful tobacco product.

In addition to taxing all nicotine and tobacco products as if they were a cigarette, the provision increases the Federal tax on cigarettes by 100%, and raises all other tobacco taxes up to this new level.

What does this increase look like for safer nicotine and tobacco products?

  • Nicotine used in vapor products: 
    • $100.66 per 1,810mg of nicotine ( $0.05/mg)
    • To put this in more relatable terms, this new tax would add $10.00 to a 30mL bottle of 6mg e-liquid. This is in addition to any state or local taxes people may already be paying.
  • Under this proposal, the tax on one JUUL pod would actually be higher than the tax on a pack of cigarettes!

We will continue to fight for your right to vape tasty flavors
but to do so -
We Need Your Help!

If you have not heard, the FDA's recent actions against E-liquid manufacturers were due to companies not providing enough evidence that flavored e-liquids benefit adult users to a sufficient enough extent to justify any possible risks to youth.

At New Leaf, we have always taken a hard line approach against youth access to our products and underage use. In the very early days we
implemented strict policies on ID verifications and underage accessibility at all of our locations including our online store.  

At New Leaf our
mission now is the same as it has always been - help transition former adult smokers to make better choices for an overall healthier lifestyle.

New Leaf has willingly offered to poll our customers to aid in the research. This is our survey that is 100% anonymous and will only be used to aid in FDA research.

If you don't submit - you risk losing your favorite E-liquid flavor down the line.

New Leaf is offering a 15% discount code for your survey completion to be used in store! Thank you for being such loyal customers.

We will continue to work for you and hope this discount will help in any purchases you're planning to make with us soon.

Former President Trump signed the 2021 Appropriations bill into law on Dec 27, 2020. Included in that 5,000+ page bill was language that adds “electronic nicotine delivery systems” (or “ENDS”) to shipping regulations enacted by The Jenkins Act and The Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act (PACT Act). The practical effect of the new law is a ban on shipping vapor products through the USPS.

Complicating matters, even if small, independent vapor retailers find carriers willing to ship their products to consumers, the compliance issues are likely beyond their means. For example, the law requires sellers to be compliant with state, local, and tribal tax laws that are inconsistent across the country and subject to change on an unpredictable basis. Currently, the human and technological resources required to fulfil these requirements are only affordable by the largest companies. Complying with federal law means that tobacco products being shipped require market authorization from the FDA, and a way for shipping companies to verify that a product and its manufacturer meet this requirement.

The net effect of the new regulations is a ban on most direct to consumer shipments of vapor products. At this time, we are still awaiting the USPS's final ruling and will update you when we know more.