Delta-8: Surviving the Holidays

Delta-8: Surviving the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Where family gatherings are full of opinions, debates, and unsolicited advice. No matter your relationship with your family the holidays can be a pretty stressful time. In turn, they can cause flare ups, anxiety, and increased pain. As a Delta-8 user you may be getting a lot of push back on your D8 use from friends & family, or you’re completely hiding your use of it out of fear of what they may say or do. 

Sounds unfair, but what can you do? The best way to combat push back is to communicate. When people feel like they understand they are more open to accept. 

We put together a plan to help you start that conversation and survive the holidays with Delta-8. Delta-8: Surviving the Holidays


Know the Facts about Delta-8

Delta-8 products are commonly used for:

  • A Focused Mental High WITHOUT Paranoia
  • Mood Boost & Reduced Anxiety
  • Pain Relief
  • Other Medical Assistance: Nausea relief, appetite increase, better sleep, or blood pressure decrease

There have been no documented deaths from D8 use and it is Federally Legal. Delta-8 is not Delta-9 and is less aggressive in its psychoactive effects. 

You can find even more information from our last blog post: Delta-8: What you Need to Know


Defend Your Why

Now that you know the facts it’s time to list YOUR whys. 

Family and friends are more likely to accept Delta-8 when they see the benefits its use is having on you. 

Are you more relaxed? Do you feel healthier? Is it something your doctor recommended to you for chronic gastrointestinal issues? 

Try to stay away from aggressive Why’s like… my family’s crazy and it’s the only way I can cope. Not that we’re speaking from experience or anything but it doesn’t tend to go over well. 

Stick to the positives. 


Although I may not have a chronic illness D8 helps me to …xyz. Which gives me … abc.

If you do have a chronic illness or a diagnosed medical issue you can even break it down on a scientific level. 


Educate on Delta-8: Surviving the Holidays

Now that they know the facts and your Why it’s time to completely put their mind at ease. 

Educate them on how You are a responsible user.

Here are some examples:


Do you only take D8 at night right before you go to sleep?

Where do you keep your products?

How are you preventing accidental consumption from other people or pets?

Are you taking the recommended amount?

Could you stop using it any time?


Continue the Conversation 


By now you have a well laid out informative presentation that is going to take this person full circle. It’s going to answer a lot of questions and hopefully help them see past their original opinions. 

However, they’re probably still going to have questions and may still not be completely on board. Best way to handle this is to come to an agreement on the boundaries for the holidays and keep that open line of communication.


As easy as it may seem on paper we get it’s not always going to be the easiest to overcome this obstacle with all family & friends – all you can do is know the facts, know your whys, and be open to questions. All else fails, set your boundaries and create a holiday plan that works best for you. 


For More information on Delta-8 here are some sources to share:



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