Top Tips for Traveling as a Vaper this Holiday Season

Top Tips for Traveling as a Vaper this Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season and that often means excruciatingly painful family gatherings full of stress, tantrums, and travel. Oh and happy holiday family memories blah blah blah … cheer. The last thing any vaper needs is to have to purchase a whole new setup, or compromise on their vaping options during this time. No worries, here are our top tips for traveling as a vaper this holiday season.

Decide on Your Equipment

With so many options available, now is the time to determine if you’re going to stick with your regular setup or if you need to go to a device that’s a little more discrete.

If you know you’re traveling to an area or around people that won’t allow a ton of vaping then you may want to consider a smaller device or even disposable devices. Something like Fume’s Ultra Disposable may be a good option for you with approximately 1500 puffs at a nicotine level of 50 mg.

If you’re riding solo this holiday season then you can just adhere to standard smoking locations and typically won’t have any problems.

Here’s a list of places that have banned vaping from Vaping 360.

Know the Travel Rules

You’ve got a long way to travel this holiday season as a vaper and need to fly. There are horror stories out there about people trying to fly with vape products so let’s go straight to the source.

According to the TSA, they allow… “The FAA prohibits these devices in checked bags. Battery-powered E-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person). Check with your airline for additional restrictions. Remove all electronic cigarette and vaping devices from carry-on bags if checked at the gate or planeside.”

For those who travel with vape pens and disposables it looks like you are in the clear as long as you bring them on your carry on and check them separately at the TSA checkpoint.

However, those of us who use larger devices may run into a bit of an issue when it comes to liquids… but don’t worry there’s a work around.

You can only have up to 3.4 fl oz in your carry on, BUT you can put liquids into your checked bags. Most e-liquid bottles come at about 60 ml which is 2.03 fl oz.

There are a couple of posts out there that talk about trying to check bottles that say a certain fl oz even though they aren’t full and couldn’t get them through. So no 1 and a half bottles. Bring one and check the rest & make sure the bottle you bring says directly on it that it is less than 3.4 fl oz.

When you bring your device onto the flight make sure there’s room in your tank so that when the cabin pressurizes you don’t have any leaks. You can also depressurize your top cap if you are super paranoid, but be leary about losing it or spilling. Closing your airflow should be enough.

Always be Prepared & Have a Backup Plan Ready

You’ve picked your device, you have your travel plans, and you’re ready to go. As you set out on your travels just remember to always have a contingency plan.

Bring extra everything. Parts, coils, eliquid, chargers, or any other accessories you may need. It’s never a bad thing to be prepared – especially if you are checking bags or have the luxury of extra space in your suitcase.

Know your vaping locations. If nana is going to cause a big fuss about vaping in the house then make sure you’ve got a game plan.

All else fails, make sure you’ve scoped out the local shops so you can stock up on any essentials you may have forgotten or need.

If you’re visiting the Jacksonville area we’d love to have you. Stop by one of our 7 retail locations for all your holiday emergencies. All traveling vapers or locals are welcome.